The French Alps

The Alps, in France (French Alps to others) is the portion of the Alps Mountain Range and located in the  Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. This majestic scenery is known to campers and backpackers across the globe for its magnificent natural scenery in Europe, with awe-inspiring mountains, crystal-clear lakes, rushing waterfalls, and pristine forests. But perhaps the best part and most favorite of visitors, including me and other tourists is  Mont Blanc, the highest mountain peak in the Alps, especially for tourists who focuses their visit on outdoor activities like biking, hiking,  mountain climbing during summer skiing and snowboarding on winter seasons. You’ll be amazed by the beautifully fresh alpine air and quaint villages nestled in the foothills. It’s a magical place to camp, made all the more special by the glittering night sky above. A perfect place for camping indeed!

Another place you might want to consider for camping is the Vercors, a range of forest-covered hills in the Dauphiné region between the Rhône Valley and the Route d'Hiver des Alpes. I was personally amazed by its gorgeous nature structures. One remarkable view is at the top of Grand Veymont, with a peak of 2,346 meters above the ground! The Vercors are also known for its caves that served as defensible position for the French Resistance: Forteresse de la Résistance, during the times of  World War II. The area now contains around three hundred monuments to the Resistance, including a memorial center and the preserved remains of a destroyed village. Be sure to pay a visit these areas, especially if you are a history lover! 

The Grand Canyon backpack from The Glacier CoAs a backpacker and a camper, I always make sure that I have the best tools in hand, ready for all activities we will encounter while trekking to mountain top or while roaming the forest floor. I recently bought this awesome backpack called ‘The Grand Canyon which works amazingly for me. It features a cool, Softback and a durable design you can’t resist, and it’s waterproof too! 

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We spent two of our five nights on camp at this breathtaking view and I will agree that this place is one of the best camping destinations in France, or Europe I may say. We still have so much to discover, and I am just as excited  to share my next batch of adventure with you, my friends! Keep tuning for more and see you next time! 

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