Solar Charging Backpack

Nowadays it is difficult for us to be without our devices while traveling around. Most people have this so called ‘low battery anxiety’ when thinking about spending hours or days outside the comfort of their house, away from plugs, outlets and chargers. Despite the fact that power banks works amazingly today, those can get drained too! 

Hiking with a power outlet on my back…

Adventure seekers and enthusiasts often crave that perfect selfie shot once they reach their destination. And need their phones to be charged!

Thanks to the innovations and technological advancementa today, people who are away from their homes can also enjoy limitless power supply. Why is that possible? It’s because of the solar charging systems! One of the great inventions which I am truly grateful is the Solar Charging Travel Backpack from The Glacier Co. I recently purchased. 

Travelers and hikers often do their trekking during sunny weather, and this is the  time when the solar backpack becomes very efficient because of its large but lightweight solar panel that converts sunlight into electricity, which is stored in the power bank and used to power up portable devices or gadgets. Easy, right? 

How about safety? It’s a big yes!

The solar panel feature of this backpack is safe for you and your devices inside for many reasons. First, Solar Panels do not explode even when you’re hiking on extremely sunny weather. Plus it also ensures that the harmful UV rays are blocked and absorbed to become a stored energy and thus never find a way to make a negative impact on your devices. 

This Solar Charging Travel Backpack worked efficiently on my latest travel adventures hiking the beautiful mountain terrains and slopes of Puez-Odle Altopiano, Dolomites, in Italy. 

The Puez-Odle is a 14.5 kilometer hike along the Dolomites’ mountain peaks which engages travelers to 500 meters of climbing and a whopping 1150 meters of descending. Quite challenging, yes, but at the same time, with the views along the way, this trek will turn out to be very interesting!

The real hiking begins at Rifugio Jimmy where you will take the trail up into the beautifully formed rocky mountains. Be amazed with the wonderful view as you take more steps higher and as you leave Dolomites behind.

But the real beauty of this place (as far as me saying this) is located just behind the lush green mountains where the rocky mountain lies in. The beautiful mesmerizing rock formations are perfect for every climber and yes of course, a perfect opportunity for a selfie!

At every day’s end be charged with the fulfillment felt by every adventurer and thrill-seeking enthusiasts. And thanks to the helpful buddy you have, that is your reliable Solar Charging Travel Backpack you can still enjoy using your favorite gadgets and share your adventures to the world anytime, even away from the comfort of your home.

Finally, let me share some features of this cool and reliable travel companion. Here it goes.

Solar Charging Battery Pack. You can keep your phone charged even when you don't have an outlet near you. Keeping your smart devices charged at all times.

  • 3D breathable fibers stitched into the padding for maximum protection and support. Not only keeping you dry and comfortable but it also takes all the impact directly off of your shoulders and back.

Lightweight and Easy To Travel With. Built with strong durable fibers that don't rip, break, or tear.

  • Durable. Fully weatherproof so you never have to worry about any bad weather ruining your belongings inside of the bag.
  • Gives you support when you go hiking, fishing, biking or even camping and still keep all of your belongings safe.
See you next time!

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