A Visit to Phuket Province, Thailand

We always heard great stories of places around the world that not only captures our attention, but also gives way to curiosity and wildest passion, and then, what comes next? Adventure!

One place that comes to mind when talking about nature-friendly, exciting adventures is the province of Phuket resting in southern provinces of Thailand.

But why in Phuket? you may say..

Phuket is known not only for its world class white beaches, (a variety of 30 beaches to choose from), but also for speedboat trips to the many nearby tropical paradises, including the famous Phi Phi Islands, and the mystical Phang Nga Bay where you can enjoy sea kayaking and give personal  perspective of this amazing part of the world. 

There you can marvel it’s striking limestone islands and caves which will definitely give you awe at wonders to behold, while the small sea kayak is the only way to get right up close, through the smallest channels and into the beautiful secret lagoons which are inaccessible by any larger boat, providing fantastic views of nature at its finest.

Another famous activity that creates a lot of buzz and earn great reviews is the 4x4 & White Water Rafting in Phang Nga. This exciting water rafting fun can be experienced in Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary where you will find not only fantastic scenic views, but also an exciting landscape for some extreme exploration as you bounce along rough tracks and raging rapids. 

Aside from learning the limits of your own endurance, the trip usually includes a visit to a local rubber plantation, where they will show you how the materials which make the off-road tyres and the rubber boat you will be riding were gathered.

Aside from this great outdoor experiences, tourists, visitors and even locals of this province also enjoy a unique way of interacting with nature through mind exercise and meditation. Yes, you got it right, YOGA! 

Yoga is a wonderful way of improving the physical, emotional health and happiness of a person performing it.

Patanjali, who was a pioneer of classical yoga even defined this technique as  "the cessation of the modification of the mind" which basically means having discipline while controlling the mind through breathing techniques and body posture.

Yoga requires different body positions which you might find difficult as a beginner, but rest assured that with the help of your Yogi, Yoginis or Guru jee (teacher) and a dependable Yoga set, you are ready to aim for that discipline and of course, that contoured and sexy body you are dreaming of a long time! 

There are many Yoga outfits available in the market today, but check this website, The Glacier Co https://www.theglacierco.com/collections/yoga-sets where you can find a complete variety of Yoga attire from pants and workout shirts to Yoga shorts and many more!

These lovely sets will definitely entice you, not only to learn and perform great Yoga techniques, but also make a ‘selfie worth’ experience you surely would love to share to your IG friends!

Why would you love these great Yoga outfit sets from The Glacier Co.?

My Verdict:

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True to say, traveling may require a lot of courage, determination and enthusiasm for a person to enjoy. My travel to Phuket, Thailand is one of a kind because it introduced me not only to people and culture, but also gave me a glimpse of what more of this world has to show to mankind. We only have to build ourselves the right passion and perseverance to be able to experience the amazing scenery that this beautiful planet can offer! So, why not go on a trip? See you in my next story!

Happy Adventuring! 

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