A Very Special Ambassador

One night as I was fulfilling orders, a large one came in. I checked and saw that no discount code had been used, which is unusual so I decided to wait until morning and contact the customer.

In the morning, there was an email from the customer, Alicia, in a panic--she wanted to cancel the order because her BIRD had actually placed it. Yes, you heard right. She was browsing the website, adding to her cart. She set the phone down, the bird stepped on it and placed the order!

We thought that was so cool, we asked her for pix of her bird. This adorable bird, a Jenday Conure named KatGirl, also called Little Mama. We don't have a mascot so I'd say KatGirl qualifies!

We were able to successfully cancel the order and Alicia did replace the order, with the proper items AND with the discount code. 

It's such a great story--and a first order from a bird--that we wanted to share. 

We love you, KatGirl! She sure is pretty and she likes cats and apparently, she can drive too! She has been voted our coolest customer. Go CatGirl!

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